Amalgamated Engineering Entities

is an emerging multidisciplinary and versatile organisation boasting a consortium of skilled and disciplined professionals in the field of electrical engineering. This crew is deliberately assembled to tap into this skills base reservoir, attained in over 50 years of combined practical and proven work experience. This trails a tangible and tested ground work augmented with relevant, professional, accredited and registered qualifications.

Meet a team of highly talented and accomplished connoisseurs in the field of electrical engineering. The partnership congregated with the sole purpose of establishing an entity which from the start will elevate delivery expectations to our customers. This is entrenched in reliable and proven deliverables emanating from work experience in display around completed projects which these experts have discharged in their individual and separate career stints, cast in documented track records of achievements on which one can actually rely.


Our Fields of Service


Air Conditioning & Refrigeration


AC & DC Variable Speed Drive

Fire Systems