Electrical Field

  • Lighting Systems in domestic, industrial, street lighting installation and conversions repairs.
  • Emergency lighting system installations and repairs.
  • Construction, installation and commissioning and repairs to industrial control systems, conveyor systems in the Mining (underground and surface), Explosive Plants, Pulp/Paper Plants, Corrugated Board and associated equipment Plant with Compliance certification certificates,(COC’s)
  • Construction of high profile earthing systems. Primary, secondary, segregated, static, Lighting Conductors, Faraday cages with annual testing, repairs and thickness testing.
  • Domestic installations, commissioning with compliance certification certificates (COC’s).
  • Medium and Low voltage transformers and switchgear maintenance and schedule work. Cable pressure testing, joining and termination, (on both medium and low voltage).

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Field

  • Installation of Heat Pump Air Conditioners, both old and new type gas units.
  • Refrigeration systems ranging from domestic to Office Chiller systems, Cold Rooms and Freezer Rooms.

Instrumentation Field

In the Instrumentation Field we have experience the installation of level controllers, flow controllers and stroking and calibration of valves.

AC Variable Speed Drive Field

(Danfoss, Siliconics, Bonfiguioli and Safronics)

  • Installing, programming and commissioning of Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.
  • Carrying out fault finding, maintenance and repairs (down to control card level) on AC Variable Speed Drives and Soft Starters.

DC Variable Speed Drive Field

(Safronics, ABB, BBT, SSD and Contravice)

  • Installing, programming and commissioning on DC Drives.
  • Carrying out fault finding, maintenance and repairs (down to control card level) on the DC Drives.

PLC Field

(Allan Bradley, Rockwell, Omron, Telemecanique and Mitsubishi)

  • Installing, programming (on and off-line), commissioning.
  • Fault finding, repairs and maintenance on PLC systems.

Fire Systems Field

(Technoswitch and Vesda)

  • Installation, commissioning, repairs and maintenance on fire protection systems.
  • Installations, commissioning, repairs and maintenance on fire detection systems.
  • Installations, commissioning, repairs and maintenance on fire suppression system, by means of water, gas and foam. Full flood or compartment flooding.
  • Vesda Aspiration systems for detection.


  • Cutting Steel according to Customer requirements for the fabrication of structures, piping, framework, and hand railing.
  • Assembly, painting (finishing) and installing of fabricated equipment.


  • Welding of all metal types, thicknesses and sizes ranging from Aluminium, mild steel, stainless steel and carbon steel.

Pipe Fitters

  • Installing all types of piping and fittings for the conveyance of steam, water and other fluid types to customer requirements.
  • Repairs and maintenance of process piping and affiliated equipment.


  • Installation of mechanically driven equipment.
  • Repairs and maintenance on gearboxes.
  • Repairs and maintenance on conveyors.
  • Repairs and maintenance of Plant mechanical equipment.
  • Condition Monitoring of mechanical equipment.
  • Alignment of motor and gearboxes.
  • Daily inspections and routine maintenance of mechanical equipment.

Electric Fence Installations

  • Corresponds with clients to determine the types and functions of the fencing they require.
  • Inspect property plans to determine the parameters of each site when these are unclear.
  • Conduct site inspections to ascertain the amount of materials needed to complete each installation.
  • Measure the length of each section that requires fencing and determine the requisite height of each fence in collaboration with clients.
  • Trim sections of the fence to ensure that they are appropriate in size.
  • Prepare the site by digging holes and trenches in which the fencing will be positioned.
  • Join, raise and secure segments of the fence in place.
  • Check for gaps and vulnerabilities in the fencing and correcting these, if needed.
  • Licenced to install electric fencing, and C.O.C

CCTV & Access Control

  • Evaluate signal quality plus review acceptability delivered subsequent installation.
  • Install CCTV, admittance control and burglar alarm systems.
  • Perform with networks, computers and software.
  • Support to design and troubleshooting in different systems.
  • Manage and monitor different small to medium scale installations in budget and schedule.
  • Utilize habitual CATV hand plus power tools performing job duties.
  • Complete suitable paperwork functions as arranged by system management.
  • Conduct routine upholding on equipment inclusive of repairs and adjustment.